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Personalized Gift Box for Men Custom Tailored Shirt Gift Box for Him

The Gavroche Paris Shirt Gift Box is the easiest way for you to offer a Made to Measure dress shirt to a man who
has touched your life.

This is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, son... and for any event, Valentine's day, Christmas, Graduation, Birthday...

Will he like it? Will he wear it? Is it the right color? Is it the right size?

The Gavroche Paris Shirt Gift Box can answer all these questions with one word: "Yes!" This gift will allow him to design it's own Made to Measure dress shirt so you can be ensured that he will love it.

  • It's a Unique and Original Gift Idea
  • He Designs Its own Made to Measure dress shirt
  • You can add a message to be embroidered into his shirt collar ex:"I love you"
  • Help him design his shirt for a Great Bonding Experience
  • It's Easy and Fun

  • Free Embroidering inside collar:

    add to bag

    What is this gift box?
    The Gavroche Paris Shirt Gift Box is the easiest way for you to offer a Made to Measure dress shirt to a man who has touched your life..

    He receives the gift box, designs his shirt and fill out our Online Customization Form. Just two weeks later, he receives his custom hand made shirt! It's that simple. The price of this gift box includes everything, there will be no additional fee for him to receive his made to measure shirt.

    If you are looking for a shirt for yourself, you can design yours by clicking here: Custom Tailored Shirt.

    What's in the box?
    • 10 Exclusive Fabric Samples
      made from 100% ultrafine cotton woven in Italy and selected from our most popular shirts so you know he'll find something he'll like.

    • An Easy Start Guide:
      to help him design his very own shirt and take body measurements.

    • A Tailor's Measuring Tape:
      to take his body measurements for a perfect fit.

    • A Customization Form:
      for a convenient way to record his choices and submit his design.

    White Chevron  Blue Twill  Pink Herringbone Striped  Silver Twill  Black Twill 
    White chevron  Blue twill  Pink Herringbone Silver Twill Black Twill 
      Blue Stripes Blue Checks  Blue Twill  Fine Blue Twill  Hairline Stripes  
      Pinpoint Stripes Blue and White Checks Bicolor Stripes Fine Blue Gray Plaids  

    How does it work?
    1. You order the Gift Box:
      You can enter a message to be embroidered inside the collar. We'll ship the gift box the next day to the address of your choice. The person who receives the present will never see the price.

    2. He designs his shirt:
      Using the handy guide, fabric samples and tailor's tape, he designs the shirt of his dreams. For a unique bonding experience you'll remember forever, help him choose his style and take his measurements.

    3. He submits his order:
      By filling out our Online Customization Form. We'll tailor his shirt to his exact specifications and send it to his address within 2 weeks. He'll think about you every time he wears it.

    What others are saying
    A satisfied customer's shirt "This is not my first tailor made shirt, but it is the finest I've ever worn."
    Aaron F. San Francisco, CA.

    "The fit of the shirt and the quality of the fabric is absolutely fantastic."
    James L. Napa, CA.
    "I had never received compliments on my shirts before, today I got seven!"
    Kenneth B. Chicago, IL.

    Why you should choose Gavroche
    • High End Fabrics Only:
      At Gavroche, we limit our fabric selection to only the highest quality European fabrics available so you know you will get a luxurious shirt. We apply this standard to everything we offer, including this Gift Box.

    • Better Workmanship:
      Some shirt makers think it is acceptable to take shortcuts to save costs, we prefer to take the time to make the shirt correctly. We don't retrofit a pattern to fit you, we create one from scratch. We follow the highest standards when producing your shirt, including pattern matching, single needle stitching, split yoke and more.

    • Perfect Fit Guaranteed:
      If for any reason the beneficiary of the gift box is not satisfied with his shirt, we'll make it again or give you a full refund..

    • We ship the next day:
      We'll ship the gift box to your desired location the day after payment clears. That way, you can be sure that he will get it in time.

    • Your Information Is Secure:
      When you place your order on all your information is encrypted for maximum security. We value our customers and will never sell your information.

    • Any Questions?
      If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.